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Tantamount to What?

Today, I am examining words–especially the ones I want to use freely, which is tantamount to the exploration of diction, mine particularly and yours as a side effect.  Asking me why before I can get this posted (tantamount to being … Continue reading

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Thoraxic Grids and My Voice

I went to two  poetry readings recently  and read some of my new work. It was satisfying because for the first time I felt that the poems were complete, done, didn’t need revisions–So I read them with conviction. I committed … Continue reading

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Am I Committed to My Commitments?

Back to the drawing board–perception and transformation.  If  I really meant what I said earlier in these posts, then what is confronting me now will not knock me to the floor as it has in the past. A solution, which … Continue reading

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Why Write?–Another Take On It

While scanning Facebook in one of those moments writers/teachers have at the end of a semester to catch up on what they consider one of the lesser tasks—more enjoyable, anyway, or less urgent—their commitment to their community of writers, I … Continue reading

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