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A Continuation of Ships that Carry the Dead

It’s not right. We hear that a lot lately in cultural conversations from every walk of life and every indoctrinated belief system.   Seemingly, these voices come from a random sampling or the latest poll of all the voices in our … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Illness and the Laws that Protect Them/It

I was surprised last week once again when I tried to get my son into a new Doctor who might be able to help him with the side effects his medications were causing.  My attempts to support/fix/change/transform myself, my own … Continue reading

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Un-Mental Ilness: Playing with Changes and Forms

The summer, moving too fast as usual, already produced a number of subjects for writing.  Plus Change.  Not what you’ve got left in your pocket after going to the  Quick trip, but real organically manufactured 🙂 Change which has in … Continue reading

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Why Write?–Another Take On It

While scanning Facebook in one of those moments writers/teachers have at the end of a semester to catch up on what they consider one of the lesser tasks—more enjoyable, anyway, or less urgent—their commitment to their community of writers, I … Continue reading

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