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I strongly dislike just talking about me, so I took a poll and found that 7 people agreed, 18 disagreed, 4 disliked, 3 strongly disliked and 17 do not apply.

Another Year Another Dollar

Beginning again has been hard. I went through a period when I could not talk about mental illness anymore. To reflect on a subject that is difficult and still remain positive as well as continue looking for what is good … Continue reading

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I’m A Screamer

Cultural Blanket in a Dynasty of Wonder Blog space I’m a screamer, a birth process , no nonsense, screaming meemy of a screamer; a whiner, a whaler, a heel bangin,  foot stompin, head beatin, rollin around squirming and shoutin screamin … Continue reading

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Tantamount to What?

Today, I am examining words–especially the ones I want to use freely, which is tantamount to the exploration of diction, mine particularly and yours as a side effect.  Asking me why before I can get this posted (tantamount to being … Continue reading

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Courtney’s View–March 12, 2012

I recently watched the 2006 movie Paris Je T’Aime, a gift given to me years ago that I had yet to watch. It is made of 18 different short vignettes about Paris directed by a variety of filmmakers. After the … Continue reading

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Un-Objective Correlative

                  Start with a fish, a tuna. No an anchovy.   A small, herringlike marine fish of the family Engraulidae, a European fish (Engraulis encrasicholus), widely used in appetizers and various dishes. … Continue reading

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Since I Been Gone

Holidays over now and that vacation dream world reverses back to every day life–useful, sometimes exciting movement in writing anything and renewed enthusiasm for the pile of books by the desk, overflowing to the floor by the bed.  Found a … Continue reading

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A Review and Commentary of Joseph Harrington’s book, Things Come On

Recently, I experienced a shift in consciousness while reading poetry in a musty university library that seemed like one of those ah-ha moments.  I was sitting in a comfy wing-backed chair in a library I can only describe as illustrious in its accoutrements, and … Continue reading

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Thoraxic Grids and My Voice

I went to two  poetry readings recently  and read some of my new work. It was satisfying because for the first time I felt that the poems were complete, done, didn’t need revisions–So I read them with conviction. I committed … Continue reading

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A Continuation of Ships that Carry the Dead

A Continuation of Ships that Carry the Dead.

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A Continuation of Ships that Carry the Dead

It’s not right. We hear that a lot lately in cultural conversations from every walk of life and every indoctrinated belief system.   Seemingly, these voices come from a random sampling or the latest poll of all the voices in our … Continue reading

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